Calming your skin the RIGHT way!

When it comes to sensitive skin, we need to be SO, SO careful with what we decide to put on our skin. Especially moisturisers! After all, they are the last step of the regime and these products are left on to continuously irritate until your skin can’t handle it anymore !

Something a lot of people don’t know is that every kind of irritation caused to our skin no matter how it is caused leaves our skin less resilient and less able to repair itself. This also results in the breakdown of collagen and elastin , accelerating ageing ( mostly silently ) before we know it !

You know what the scary part is?

Its that all these major company’s advertising their sensitive skin lines and calming ranges use irritating and completely unnecessary ingredients in their products !

As if sensitive skin needs any more irritation!

Ingredients are a big part of searching for a sensitive skin superstar product!

Avoid: fragrant oils, especially- lavender , grapefruit peel, orange peel, tangerine peel, lemon peel as these are cytotoxic causing cell death and also phototoxic having reactions when exposed to sun! Also avoid synthetic fragrances, chemical sunscreens such as avobenzone, or oxybenzone.

And we just pick up any old product that says “calming” and we believe them?

Look for : Oatmeal ( amazing anti inflammatory properties ). Liquorice root extract , green tea (also white), allantoin, linoleic acid, matricaria (chamomile).

I came across a product the other day and was completely surprised to read the label and find there were no irritating ingredients in this sensitive skin product. It is completely fragrance and irritant free and does an amazing job at reducing inflammation! The best part is that the ingredients have a well researched track record!

Ultraceauticals- ultra calming- treatment cream

(I personally tried this product as I have Rosie cheeks and nose which reacts quite badly sometimes, due to my migraines) It really calms instantly as well!

$95 , yes expensive to some, but anyone with sensitive skin can agree money is no issue when redness is out at bay!

Another sensitive superstar product is the verite cleanser from Estée Lauder! With ingredients like chamomile, green tea and gentle soap free cleansing agents, this is an exceptional product to not only be gentle but to reduce redness significantly before moisturising. Now I call that a great start to the day

Ben 🙂




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