Cleansing the right way!

Most people don’t take into account how important the cleansing step really is in our beauty regime!

There are a lot of things to take into account when choosing a cleanser and how many times to actually use it without disrupting your skins natural processes!

First of all I would like to say that I am SO excited about the launch of Estée Lauders new cleansers! I have always been a fan of their skincare and how advanced the formulas are (as oppose to competitors in the market)

But I will go into detail about these 3 new fabulous cleansers after !

When looking for the right cleanser, it is true that expensive doesn’t mean better !

( Especially with cleansers, as it doesn’t cost much money to formulate an effective and gentle cleanser! )

So don’t cut off the cheap products straight away from your list assuming they won’t work! I have tried a beautiful cleanser from the “YES TO” brand called “yes to cucumbers gel cleanser”. This cleanser is great for normal/combination skin and is extremely gentle and soothing (great for sensitive too)

Take into account a few things

1. If you have quite oily skin, look for either a gel, foaming, or any light cleanser that doesn’t contain ingredients such as peppermint, menthol or camphor ( these are common in cleansers ) also avoid alkaline ingredients towards the top of the list as well! These are no no’s for even the most oiliest of skins!

2. If you have combination or normal, you can go for the same type of cleansers as mentioned above , but could also use a light lotion cleanser (my favourites!) as these don’t affect your skins natural oils on the surface, but clean effectively!)

3. For normal to dry skin, you can use a moisturising formula. Light foam to cream cleansers are okay! But ingredients should be read before purchasing for dry skins !

4. Over cleansing ! This can contribute to ageing too quickly, as our skin produces its natural oils and acidity levels that need to be left alone a lot of the time, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t cleanse! It means we should cleanse minimally! I recommend cleansing at night as we should remove dirt and grime from that day, and to splash your face with warm (not hot) water in the Morning and to apply your day care products! (Gentle is best )

Estée Lauders new cleansers are absolutely fabulous to use and create a real luxury experience whilst cleansing) (not to mention very effective)

The cream cleanser for all skin types (preferably dry) is a cold cream and really removes all types of make up and cleans well without even slightly effecting your skins acid mantle. Just apply to dry skin and either splash away, or cotton pad the product off (or wash cloth, NO TISSUES)

The foaming cleanser for all skin types (preferably combination to oily) is refreshing , foams up ALOT, and is extremely effective, I personally believe this cleanser should be avoided for a normal to dry skin. (Especially dry!)

As the foaming agents in this cleanser are slightly drying.

There is also a gelee cleanser for oily skin with exfoliating beads and is fabulous as the formula isn’t that stripping for the intended skin type and gently exfoliates daily (which is amazing to hold off ageing)

All 3 of these cleansers double as face masks as well! Just cleanse, leave on then remove as you wish! That’s what I call a multi purpose product!

I personally LOVE the green one (cream cleanser)

Enjoy .



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