Finding the RIGHT moisturiser for you!

Finding the perfect moisturiser can be one of the most challenging, aggravating, confusing and mind boggling things, as the beauty industry COUNTLESS amounts of brands (let alone products!) to choose from!

We also tend to be brand nazis and don’t even realise it, leaning towards a particular brand because our mother used it or because we have seen it lying around in the bathroom at some point because our sister (or brother) once used it as well!

It’s important when on that big search for an effective (and good valued) moisturiser that we are seeing the big picture, and not just the pretty box it comes in ( I must say I am guilty for falling into those marketing traps as well haha

First of all…

SUNSCREEN, I can’t stress enough, this is something people STILL don’t seem to worry about, regardless of the huge amount of research available stating that SUN DAMAGE is the number 1 ageing factor, so at LEAST apply an SPF15!

The sun breaks down collagen and causes hyper pigmentation (sun spots), and we all know about skin cancer! You may even see these effects before you even reach your late 20s! Prevention is most definitely the key.

Look for U.V.A protection in your spf moisturisers (to get antiageing protection)

Ingredients such as : titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, avobenzone, oxybenzone.

Antioxidents (and plenty!) if you are even going to bother putting anything on your face it is important to consider how many antioxidants you are actually getting for your money in the product.

Ingredients such as: pomegranate, soybean, grapeseed, and vitamins a+c+e to name a few! These put up a safeguard for your skin to be protected better (and can put a bubble around your spf to do its job better!.)

Choosing a product with A+C AND E together combined, ensures recycled all day protection . 😉

Cell transmitters, these ingredients are very helpful in a product as they help the cells to communicate with each other so everything in the deeper layers of your skin function better and to continue to work as they should!

Look for vitamin b3 (niacanimide) as this is the most well researched ingredient to do this job !

Extra touches…
Some moisturisers go above and beyond to show that they are far superior than the other choices (considering they have included all of the above already!)

Most of these brands include skin identical ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin, these bind water on the surface of our skin holding back the ageing process significantly.

Remember to look out for the placement of the ingredients on the formulas list (read every product) before considering it!

If you see these ingredients at the top of the list.. Then It consists mostly of those ingredients!
If its at the very bottom… It’s quite possibly not even worth considering.

There are a lot of cheeky company’s ripping us off!

Lets find out for ourselves and give our skin what it really deserves and more 😉

Take care x




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