The scary truth about Men’s skincare!

Being a skincare fanatic, and also being a male, I am well aware of the marketing traps and have often found myself falling for the mens lines and product offerings in the past.

I have spoken before about how irritation in the skin, no matter how little, causes collagen and elastin deterioration, and how it prevents the skin from repairing itself and leads to permanently sensitized skin and possibly rosacea!

-I have to begin by saying. NOT ALL mens skincare lines have bad ingredients, but I have decided to write this article because more often than not many company’s are producing weak, dumbed down versions of the woman’s formulations, when a mans skin needs just as much protection as a woman’s!

So the real question is… Does a mans skin differ from a woman’s skin?

Research shows that a mans skin is generally thicker than a woman’s skin, resulting in more active sebaceous glands (oil).
But that doesn’t mean that a mans skin needs anything different than a woman’s (ingredients wise), it just means that the texture of the product should be different depending on your skin type .

i.e. If you have oily skin, use a light lotion, if you have dry skin, use a cream!

NOT ALL men have oily skin, my skin is normal and I shouldn’t use oil free products! My skin needs moisture and will age if I don’t provide it with such, the same goes for every other man.

Many mens skin care lines also miss out on the one important anti-aging ingredient. You guessed it. SPF!!
This is quite common as men don’t like the greasy feel on their face that spf often provides.
They like the feel of a weightless finish with a masculine and earthy smell.

Some drawbacks in mens ranges to look out for!

-weak formulas with tiny amounts of active ingredients.

-lacking antioxidants .

-strongly fragranced like mens cologne.

-products containing irritating essential oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus, menthol, camphor, spearmint. These oils smell amazing but do nothing but harm for a mans skin, accelerating ageing.

-lacking sufficient UVA protection from the sun.

-hardly go above and beyond.

-most products are VERY high in
alcohol as men love a non greasier finish.

-some of the products contain ingredients which temporarily tighten the skin, damaging elastin.

I have found many mens skincare lines make the same mistakes with their formulations!

Are there any mens lines I don’t bag? Well yes actually!

“Lab Series For Men” is a fantastic line of skincare aimed at men (but woman can use too!)
It contains heaps of antioxidants, spf, vitamins A, C and E and many more ingredients to keep our skin well protected from environmental assaults! ( fragrance free as well! )

So if your man (or yourself) MUST use a skincare in packaging designed for men than this is one line to definitely consider!

There is no available evidence stating that a mans skin needs any thing different than a woman’s skin. We all need as much protection as we can get, just like our diet can do with as many nutrients as possible!

So next time you take your hubby to the cosmetics counters with you for a new face cream/cleanser, avoid the mens lines and lead him to your favourite counter and make sure he is getting the same gold treatment for his skin that you are getting for yours !

Take care x

Ben πŸ™‚





5 thoughts on “The scary truth about Men’s skincare!

  1. Great post! I have a feeling that Asian (particularly Korean/Japanese) male skincare lines would actually deliver compared to some Western skincare lines, because they’re serious about their skin over there.

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