Bb Cream Crazy!

When I first heard about “bb” creams, I was quite intrigued and wanted to find out what made these products so special, and
Why everyone was talking about them.

Before I could even blink, every company started advertising their own bb creams and following this crazy new trend that Asia had first started!
Garnier, Loreal, Maybeline and even the more luxurious company’s started to follow!

So what is a “bb” cream?
Well, it was initially called “blemish balm” but is now commonly called “beauty balm” as it beautifies the face and has multiple functions.

They usually consist of…

-a texture for all skin types (usually oil free formula)
-offers spf, usually 30+
-tinted to suit your skin color
-has skin-lightening properties as this is a popular request in the asian markets
-has a broad range of antioxidants inside
-evens out skintone
-reduces redness
-gives light to medium coverage (a little more than sheer)
-moisturisers and repairs
-balances oil production
-treats blemishes

So you can see from this long list of benefits, that these bb creams sound amazing but there is nothing different about a “bb” cream compared to a “tinted moisturiser”, the only difference I can think of is that a bb cream was typically used to lighten the skin in asia, when a tinted moisturiser is to even out skin tone, or to give a tan for a healthier bronzed look!

There is also now a new craze similar to the “bb” creams!

It is called “cc” creams. I must admit, I did have a big laugh when I heard this name… More ridiculous names for products that do the same job.

Cc stands for “color corrective” and is all about using a tint that will reduce a certain concern, ( i.e green for redness ).
The formula is usually a little thicker and providing slightly more coverage and still maintaining a high spf.

I honestly am still not impressed by this, as it has been done many times before, but just hasn’t had a ridiculous name behind it before, so now it has been advertised and marketed heavily, everybody wants one !

I have always been a huge fan of tinted moisturisers and love that you only need one step in the regime (after cleansing of course)

When I’m looking for the perfect tinted moisturiser, this Is what I look for…

-sheer natural coverage with a glow
-sufficient moisture for cold days
-low in fragrance/fragrance free
-no alcohol
-loads of antioxidants for my money
-spf 15 or above (preferably 30+)
-extra touches, such as skin identical ingredients, and vitamin b3 is a plus!)
-gentle formula

As I am on the topic of tinted moisturisers/bb/cc/creams, I thought I would share my favourite products of this category ! (Keeping in mind, these products work for my skin and what suits my concerns)

3. “Daywear BB Cream- Estée Lauder”- $48

This bb cream exceeds over many bb’s that I have come across
It is LOADED with antioxidants and all those skin loving extras that most company’s miss out on!
This product includes: gentian root, knotweed, rice, wheat, rosemary, linoleic acid, vitamin e, vitamin c extracts! Not to mention extras like caffeine and cholesterol for the skin, very well done! ( did i mention it is spf 35+ ! )

It’s all you need this summer as the coverage is light to medium leaving your skin looking perfect. (Tho coverage is a bit too much for boys but girls will love this!)

2. “Vitazing Energy Boosting Moisturiser- Origins- $45”

This product leaves the most BEAUTIFUL coloured tint on my skin and somehow magically adheres to your own skintone. I can’t explain how healthy it makes the skin look and feel.

The moisture it provides is just perfect and leaves a slightly Dewey finish! It has spf 15 and has quite a few antioxidants such as mangosteen. The only drawback I find is that it has a few essential oils known to cause slight irritation but I have given this a high rating due to its overall formula and the beautiful finish it has on the skin, these oils aren’t too much of a cause for concern as its a pretty gentle product all up !
I alway have this baby on hand and is perfect for boys and girls! Very natural glow .

1. “Daywear Sheer Tint Release- Estée Lauder- $65”

I know! I know! Another Lauder product… What can I say? They exceed over a lot of other company’s in my eyes… when it comes to formulary excellence.. Anyways, I am giving the facts of what it is in these products that make them so special to me!

-This product has a similar base formula to that of the daywear bb cream, but has MANY more potent antioxidants included for the ultimate protection of ageing.

It has grapeseed, birch, coffee, red tea, vitamin c, vitamin e, hyaluronic acid, white tea and rosemary! Very impressive formula, and I must say, when I compare it to alot of the other formulas out there, it makes a lot of them look sad !

This has grey speckle beads that break open and release a beautiful tan onto your skin! I love how the coverage is sheer enough for me to wear and it just gives such a healthy glow to the skin! It has spf 15 which Is enough for me as I am not in the sun enough to worry.

The texture is slightly tacky leaving a well moisturised Dewey finish! Good for normal/combination or slightly dry skin. Love it! And it’s fine for girls and boys !

do you have a favourite tinted moisturiser or bb cream? I would love to hear about it? 🙂

Ben x





5 thoughts on “Bb Cream Crazy!

  1. Hahaa… so refreshing to hear a guy commenting about BB creams!! By the way, Lab Series for Men has a BB cream (for men)! Why do men need a special BB cream and can’t use women’s? I think it’s just to massage the male ego to make them feel manly right?? 😉

    • Haha totally agree. Men are insecure about using products which either smell floral or are packaged in pretty things. I think it’s ridiculous when you are in the privacy of your own bathroom! Not to mention who cares if you are using a pink product? I think a real man wouldn’t care about what others think :p

  2. but i do love the idea of multi-tasking products for men though… like moisturizing toner / aftershave in one! Now why don’t do they that for women??!

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