Ring a ring a Rosie

When ever most of us think of roses, we think of the traditional room spray or even a toilet spray! (Not a very glamorous thought)

But it is just something we are reminded of as there is so much synthetic rose being used for every day odors!

A few weeks ago I was browsing in the lush store at their different body products and what they had to offer, I noticed a body cream and put some on my hands and arms and rubbed it in, I walked out the store and continued to walk around the shops, i couldn’t help but notice the beautiful strong scent coming from my arms. It was the smell of pure rose oil… Not the synthetic kind. But the expensive, precious kind of roses. It smelt delightful and precious. It lingered for a few hours and I just had to get it!

Since then I have had a fascination with the smell of pure rose oil and the body products that contain it.

I just thought I would put together a little list of my most favourite luxurious rose products that I have fallen in love with and leave me feeling comforted and content !

1. “Jurlique- Rose Products”

I just adore the purity of this line. I have purchased a pack as seen below, and it contains.
– rose body cleanser
-rose hand cream
-rose body cream
-rose mist

The body cleanser is extremely gentle for the body and leaves your skin soft and supple. Their hand creams are always super rich , and the body mist and cream is gentle and a perfect way to finish the body routine.

2. “Aesop- a rose by any other name”

This body cleanser smells beautiful and also has that purity aspect to it. Using natural oils like jurlique this cleanser is also gentle and leaves your skin smelling gorgeous

3 “Loccitane – Rose line”

This line offers a wide range of rose products, I particularly like the body milk and the fragrance, it’s light and softly fragrant and the fragrance lasts ages! I like to spray my pillow with it and around the house to :p

4. Lush- Roes body conditioner”

This product makes me melt with delight . I challenge you to apply This product next time your in a lush store and I dare you to try and not smell it as it stays there tempting you ! Love it and its SO moisturising, if you have dry skin, this is your best friend !

You may share this love for roses and might not even know it just like I didn’t 😉 .

What’s your to die for scent ?

Ben x





4 thoughts on “Ring a ring a Rosie

  1. Hi Ben, Great blog you have here, I see you’re based in Australia. I have an upcoming review on a Men’s Skincare product from ‘Triumph & Disaster’, I think you’d like. If you check out my facebook page within the next month, I’ll be offering one as a giveaway to Kiwi & Australian readers. Just a headsup on the Q.T 🙂

  2. alwayswithgrace says:

    Rose isn’t my favourite scent, by I have always loved the Rose Day Cream by Dr Hauschka. I buy it for my mum. It’s super light, smells gorgeous, and is all natural! Super good stuff. Worth trying if you haven’t yet! (Love the blog btw) x

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