Luxury skincare without the luxury results!

I love luxury products!

And what I love more than the ritual of applying a luxury product is seeing the luxury results you expect after spending hundreds of dollars on a product or new regime!

I have put together a few of the luxury company’s that I believe aren’t worth the hype and are a pure waste of money and time !

Here they are…

1 “Orogold”

Most people would have heard of “Orogold” or have been sucked in by there clever marketing techniques!
. The marketing for this company is very heavy, and they are very clever at pressuring you into buying there products.

All they need to do is initially get you in there store, and the hard selling starts !
I have to walk past this store every day as I live in the city and its on my way to work. They love to offer samples, so when you go to grab one, they pull you in the store!

There whole brand is based around “gold” such a luxurious sounding ingredient, not to mention rare and precious!
Their packaging is glamorous, the smells are glamorous, the service is glamorous! (Yet very pushy and can be rude if you don’t buy)
And it all leads you to believe the benefits of these products would be amazing! … Wrong.
It’s important to understand when dealing with a luxury line that puts ALOT of effort into their marketing and the way the product looks, is that these company’s usually fall short of one thing… Results.
The ingredient gold for a start, can cause eczema, and slight sensitivity in the skin. So when orogold starts throwing all these claims at you to do with gold to sell the product, don’t always trust the claims, as they will hesitate if you asked for the results of this “gold study” that they did.
Anyways, gold aside. The formula as a whole is incredibly boring, and this what we should be paying for.. Not a gold box with a pretty smell.

The formula basically consists of some moisturising ingredients, fragrance, thickners, a little bit of vitamin c, e and gold, quite basic for what this company is making themselves out to be, and compared to many cheaper options!

(If they get you into the store somehow, remember that their deep peeling product is a scam and that is just plastic peeling off your hand.. Not skin)

2. “La Prairie”

This company isn’t so in your face with its marketing or sales techniques. They usually win people over by having that French name, which sounds so fancy.

Does a French name and fancy packaging mean the formulas are amazing ? Not in this case.. These products do exceed over Orogold as they include a more broad range of ingredients, but for their main anti ageing moisturiser consisting of about 400 dollars, you would expect more than silicones, wax, fragrance, about 4 antioxidants and some skin like ingredients (hylauronic acid)

They brag about the ingredient “caviar” which sounds amazing but doesn’t exceed over other star ingredient choices, these products don’t even have enough caviar in them to work wonders.
Not to mention for this money, if the product is in an open jar, there goes the air sensitive ingredients .. I’ll stay away from this one !

3. “SK11”

This brand likes to brag about their main ingredient “pitera” this ingredient has antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties but every thing else they claim has not been proven yet. Not to mention the over all formulas for this company aside from the pitera (which is in small amounts) is weak.

Mainly consisting of preservatives, emollients, there star ingredient and some other antioxidants now and then… Very expensive products for this to be the case?

Before you let the marketing take hold, or a price point gets you thinking… Ask to read the product!

Take care x
Ben 🙂





6 thoughts on “Luxury skincare without the luxury results!

  1. Great article Ben! I think sometimes we just presume that if a product is expensive and they market particular ingredients as being miracles that they must be good for our skin. It’s interesting to see that even the more expensive products aren’t always the best and a lot are in fact ‘duds’.

  2. I was almost fooled by that same peeling thing from Orogold! I honestly thought it was skin coming off, but I didn’t like the thought of applying it to my face (didn’t fancy having lumps of pooey stuff stuck in my eyebrows)
    Had a bad experience there too (which is how I came across your blog :p)

    • That deep peeling product is a good example of how cheeky they are with tricking their customers 🙂 it’s main ingredient is a plastic like agent which forms a film over your skin so when you rub it, it rubs off like a rubber film.
      Clever marketing. :p

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