Bathing In Luxury

Beloved bath time

When it’s time for me to have my beloved bath, all stress, worries and thoughts go out the window, so I can lay back, and embrace the luxurious products and smells that I am surrounded by in my bath

I am always on the look out for different bath bombs, oil’s, potions and lotions to make my already lovely bathing experience even more special !

I have put together some of my favourite bathing buddies !

3. The comforter – lush ($10.50)

This is a bath melt which you crumble into the bath, and it bubbles up the water into a luxurious foam
It smells of rich blackcurrant which is my favourite smell!
Blackcurrant oil is rich in gamma linolenic acid which acts as an antioxident, anti inflammatory and cell regulator.
This is a beautiful product which I use for nights when I’m feeling sluggish and tired!

2. Marshmallow bath – Mor ($49.95)

This beautifully silky bathing elixir is a definite treat to bath in!
If you like softly sweet scents like marshmallow than this is the one for you !
It feels like your lying in a bath of rocky road, and is highly hydrating! This is not a formula easily made at home, quite sophisticated and feels that way too!

3. Almond coconut milk bath- Laura Mercier ($49.00)

This easily takes the top spot for being an amazing bath experience! Indulge in what smells like the best dessert of your life. I don’t know how they have created this decadent smell, but it smells like a gourmet dessert from an expensive restaurant ! This bubbles up and is accompanied by lots of oat proteins to calm and sooth irritated skin, it has a nice hint of vitamins as well which really tops this product off and wins my top pick! Have a smell of this one next time your at the Laura counter !

Do you have a favourite bathing buddie? 🙂






11 thoughts on “Bathing In Luxury

  1. The ‘Comforter’ by Lush, it smells nice, and looks nice, but I haven’t used it before. >< After you use it, does it stain your bath or leave pink particles behind so that you have to rinse the bath out?

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