Beauty’s Best Seller’s!

Every major company has a star product that has done so well that it usually sets them apart and catapults them into a big name and brand.

These products can be the oldest ones on the market as people get quite attached to them.

The formulas usually stay the same from the day that they are formulated to 20 years down the track and are still being sold.

I just wanted to name a few of these products that are still being sold and promoted, and to give my personal opinion on whether I believe they are worth the hype, or just too old and need a formula make over.

Here they are…

3. Shiseido – eudermine revitalising essence

This product is an extremely old one and has been sold by shiseido for many years.

It is quite expensive as well, and consists of : water, alcohol, some basic emollients, fragrance, castor oil and…

That’s about it really.
I would save your money and spend it on a well formulated toner else where.

2. Clarin’s beauty flash balm

This product is something I was eager to try after my friends had been telling me so much about it.
And it is their star product, so it must be good.. Right?

This product is basically: water, rice starch, some emollients, fragrance, one type of algae and a bunch of preservatives.

This product puzzles me to why it is so popular.

1. Clinique dramatically different moisturising lotion

This product I had high hopes for! I am also quite a big fan of clinique as they formulate products very well and leave out the fragrance all the time.
This product wasn’t what I was expecting tho.. And not quite “dramatically different” to any other supermarket products on sale.

This product consists of: water, sesame oil, lanolin, alcohol and preservatives.

This product Isn’t as expensive as the other ones I have mentioned but it costs enough for me to not bother purchasing it.

So next time a company starts telling you “we sell 100 of these a minute!” That could mean that the product is just hype and it actually won’t do anything for your skin!

Check the ingredients.

If you have trouble reading a products ingredient list, send the full list to me and I can review it for you.

What is your old go to favourite ?





10 thoughts on “Beauty’s Best Seller’s!

  1. Haha… looking at ingredient lists sometimes leave people perplexed. More doesn’t mean better… of course, sometimes you wonder why you’re being charged so much for water and some toxic stuff. Then again, i’m no chemist, and i can’t be bothered to formulate my own beauty products. And i’m not convinced home-brewed = better. I’ve actually researched & written an article on drugstore vs luxury… here’s the link if u’re interested http://silverkis.com/2013/05/05/is-beauty-worth-it/ Love to hear from you!

    • I use a combination of both. We usually can’t see irritation taking place in our skin, so the closest we can get to finding out if the product is potentially irritating is trusting science and reading an ingredients list. I do agree many expensive brands don’t deliver, but every formula within the company is different .

  2. Ben,
    Very interesting! I actually used Clinique’s moisturizer and enjoyed it! Like you said though it was ‘dramatically different’ or anything special but thats exactly why I liked it, because it just moisturized my skin. Though I didn’t end up switching it out because I found I needed a bit more moisture than it could provide.

    • Sometime it’s great to use a basic moisturiser which is very gentle, and I agree it does do the job! I’m just pointing out that it costs more than a drug store product and you don’t need to spend that much to get the same results 🙂 x

  3. Agree with your reviews. Too much hype. It took a while and lots of experimentation in my younger years…and horrible allergic reactions to uber expensive luxury products, in order to find what works and now I tend to stick with it and ignore the “hype”.

  4. This is so true! After spending tons of money and not understanding what was in these products I’ve started creating my own. I agree that less is often better, and huge marketing budgets don’t necessarily mean that a product can “deliver” on a certain promise. Women have used olive oil and rose water, for example, for centuries to keep their skin beautiful. Thanks for the post.

  5. kofykat says:

    Lol, I would have to agree on every one of these products. The only thing that these products did was empty my pockets. And India doesn’t give out samples so I had to get the full size 😦

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