Power Serum’s

I just LOVE a well formulated, potent and effective serum!

There are just so many serums and oils on the market claiming to be the answer to everything that you are hoping for.

More often than not I find that company’s are putting more potent irritants before anything beneficial for your skin!

I must say that it is tiring, reading so many products formulas and finding out they are a disappointment!

Here are some fabulous ingredients to look for in a great serum, and make sure they aren’t the LAST ingredient on the list …

– Vitamin A (retynil, retinoic acid)
-Vitamin B (niacinimide)
-Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
-Vitamin E (tocopherol, tocotrienols)
-Green tea, pomegranate, spike moss, beta carotene, ubiquinone, algae
-skin identical ingredients (caffeine, glycerin, cholesterol, hyaluronic acid)

Seeing a wide range of these ingredients in a cocktail approach is the best way to look after your skin, as it deserves the very best it can get .

Serums are also suppose to be a concentrated amount of ingredients, like a multi vitamin for your skin.
And they sink in well and leave a light finish.
Just make sure the products formula isn’t too simple!

Here are some of my favourite serums. (Keeping in mind these aren’t in any particular order of my favourite, and are due to overall formula, not brand)

3. Lab Series- Max L.S Overnight Serum

I love how many different kinds of antioxidants this provides. It is combined with peptides, skin friendly ingredients, and a high amount of acetyl glucosamine which can inhibit melanin production as well (less spots!) .
This product contains a tiny bit of fragrance.

2. Clinique- turn around concentrate

This is a great assortment of antioxidants, skin friendly ingredients and lots of extras like anti irritants which makes it a great serum to consider. This also claims to chemically exfoliate, whether it does or not (due to the p.h) this is still a great serum

1. Estée Lauder- Perfectionist”

Just like the name of this heavily marketed serum, this product is perfect in every way! It is LOADED with antioxidants, many different types of algae which are nutrient rich, water binding ingredients, cell communicating ingredients, anti irritants and much more, it sits beautifully on the skin, and is such a gentle product.
A bonus for this product is its ability to work as a poly filler, it sits in your wrinkles, smoothing them out ready for make up!

-Just remember as well, using an anti ageing serum at a young age will NOT damage your skin, it will keep its resilience and health up in order for it to combat ageing in the future. We won’t suddenly start growing too much collagen out of our faces!

What is your favourite serum?






14 thoughts on “Power Serum’s

    • Hi Daniel :), it depends on the particular product and its formula. If you let me know which one in particular I could email you my thoughts. The advanced night repair serum is very good as it gets updated quite regularly so it stays with the times and has a wide range of beneficial ingredients, such as antioxidants , anti irritants and cell repairing ingredients. Ben

  1. the Clinique serum certainly helps unclogging my pores so I’d say it’s a yes on the slight chemical peel.

    Agree with everything you say here; I’d be careful about the vitamin A though, too much is irritating as well.

    • Thanks for your comment :). Yes, too much vitamin a certainly is irritating, it is an amazing anti ageing ingredient tho so must be tried by everyone before cutting it out of your regime due to irritation 🙂 x

  2. Ben,
    I’m just now starting to delve into the skincare world of serums, For a long time I considered them just and extra unnecessary step, but once I used one I was hooked! Now I want to try out all different kinds of serums! Do you have a particular favorite for someone with acne scaring/uneven skin tone? Thanks!

    • I love the even skintone illuminator serum by Estée Lauder. It has a high amount of vitamin c to reduce scarring and also illuminates a dull skin instantly. Clinique does an even better spot corrector as well but doesn’t give a nice glow like Lauders . 🙂

  3. Ajaytao2010 says:

    Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

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  5. xbeautyandbeyondx says:

    I love the glow that Clinique’s Turn Around Concentrate gives my skin… so lovely! A bit of a pricey product though, I smashed through my bottle of it in record time.

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