Luminous Skin

I don’t know about you, but I love a bit of extra glow before I head out the door and start my day.

I have tried countless amounts of radiance products and not all work as claimed.

Having luminous and glowy skin is a sign of good health and makes skin look gorgeous, even for those with oily skin!

There are a lot of products on the market that advertise their formulas as illuminators, but don’t really show up very well on the skin once applied.

I have combined my 3 favourite illumination products which can be used by all ethnicities and genders as an add on to your skincare regime for a bit of a glow!

And yes, I have tried all of these products and studied the formulas, so I can safely say these 3 deserve to make the list.

I am rating these in order of radiance, not the overall formula, as the radiance is the main purpose of these products in the first place.

3. Benefit- Girl Meets Pearl

This product is dispensed by twisting and letting the product come out through tiny holes in the top. Cute way to dispense but is a bit annoying I find as it can get quite messy if not cleaned.
This product has a beautiful radiance to it otherwise! You can apply on the cheek bones or mix it with your favourite moisturiser. Anyway way you would like to apply it! The formula is a bit basic, apart from a couple of antioxidants, but radiance wise, this is impressive!

2. Mac- Strobe lotion/cream

Whether you choose the strobe lotion or cream, they are both amazing options for an intense illumination for your skin. Not to mention these products are jam packed with antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients to keep your skin healthy. These can be used as a moisturiser, or under your moisturiser. (I like the lotion under my moisturiser as it is nice and light and can be layered)
I am so glad I came across these great products!

1. Laura Mercier- Radiance Primer

I have to say, this product beats any illuminating products I have come across so far! It has a slight tint to the product as well, but it’s not alot, so boys can still use as well without it looking like make up. This can be applied under foundation, under moisturiser, or as a highlighter !
I love that there has been a few great antioxidants added to the product as well (including the great vitamin-a)
This is a primer so you can’t expect too many extras in it!

What is your go to illuminator?





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