Eating For Your Skin!

Our skin can be a good reflection of our inner health and any of the stresses our body might be under!

Sometimes you can tell what it is that you are low in by observing your own skin!

A lack of vitamin-A can cause skin to become scaly and dry!

A lack of vitamin-E can cause skin to look dull and dry as well!

In order to keep our skin happy we need to add a few things to do our diet to keep our skins defence up!

Here are my favourite skin loving food and drink tips!

3. Vitamin-A.

An extremely potent antioxidant and crucial for cellular regeneration. This particular vitamin has had alot of publicity over the last few years for the skin. It can work great miracles for skin, dermatologists frequently turn to vitamin-A for complex skin conditions!

Drinking carrot juice and eating pumpkins can be a great way to get vitaminA into your diet and to achieve that healthy glowing skin!

2. Fish Oil / Salmon

You probably already know that fish contains omega 3! This amazing oil can give our skin a beautiful glow and keep it moisturised and supple! (Especially thru the winter months). It will also help keep your brain and cholesterol healthy, which in return will show up great on your skin!)
Fish is also an anti inflammatory for your skin and for your inner organs as well! This prevents acceleration of ageing too fast !

Try to eat fish 2 times a week for dinner with some veggies!
– i take high strength fish oil everyday to keep my skin supple !

1. Green Tea

My absolute, can’t live without skin buddie! I drink 3 to 5 cups of green tea a day to get as many antioxidants for my skin and body as possible! Green tea is an amazing skin helper and not only provides antioxidants but is also a potent anti inflammatory which in return keeps your skin from ageing too fast. There are many many other health benefits to green tea, but lets just keep this about skin 🙂

So I hope you add some of these to your diet in some way or form! With green tea, you can start with one in the morning everyday, and then adding another one in by midday ( and hopefully you can get 3 green teas in!)

Do you have a favourite skin tip?




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