Lab Series BB with SPF-35+.

I have got onto a new product that I am really excited to talk about, and believe is the perfect product for my complex skin needs !

First of all, it is important to say and cover, that if a product is marketed towards a man (or woman) it doesn’t mean it should only be used by that specific sex, as skin care products are not smart enough to determine our sex, and even if they could, what they would find is all of our skin is exactly the same make up, apart from a thicker epidermis, which ultimately means that skin needs a different texture for their skin type, NOT different ingredients!

Down to the benefits of this fantastic product !

Antioxidants: Contains a numerous amount of antioxidants, such as: St. Paul’s Wort, Vitamin-E, Barley, Algae, Wheat, Cucumber, and so on

Moisture Binding: Contains a blend of rich emollients plus the ever so famous hyaluronic acid to bind moisture levels and keeping your skin supple and more hydrated for longer!

High SPF- Contains an SPF of 35+ with sufficient UVA + UVB protection! And a gentle blend of mineral and chemical sunscreens!

Anti Irritants- A blend of anti irritants to calm: Caffeine, Cholesterol, Glycciritinic Acid, Linoleic acid.

Fragrance free!:
Another added bonus for the sensitive skin types!

So you can see, now that I have broken down this product why I am a fan of this multi tasker!

The color is just one fair fits all, and is guaranteed to blend ! It provides almost no coverage so is only for someone who wants their redness or blotchiness slightly blurred 🙂

Are you using any products similar to this one?

Are you happy with it?

Please let me know below!!



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