Estée Lauder- Crescent White BB


Crescent White BB- Estée Lauder

Crescent White BB- Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder- Crescent White BB Cream

Hello everyone 😀 So nice to be back again and sharing my love for beauty with you all! Today I would love to talk about a moisturiser that I have been using for almost 6 months already, and needless to say I am loving it!!! 

This is a super moisturising daily BB cream that I have been using religiously and have fallen in love with! This is available in the states and all over Asia as well. Unfortunately it is not available in Australia, so I need my friends in Asia to purchase and post it to me ( now on a regular basis as well ).  How convenient ! Haha.

Anyways, here are the reasons why I love this bb cream so much!


SPF50;  this is the most important ingredient for me in a product , as it should be for everybody as well!  It is stabilised with oxybenzone providing UVA and UVB protection

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Lab Series BB with SPF-35+.

I have got onto a new product that I am really excited to talk about, and believe is the perfect product for my complex skin needs !

First of all, it is important to say and cover, that if a product is marketed towards a man (or woman) it doesn’t mean it should only be used by that specific sex, as skin care products are not smart enough to determine our sex, and even if they could, what they would find is all of our skin is exactly the same make up, apart from a thicker epidermis, which ultimately means that skin needs a different texture for their skin type, NOT different ingredients!

Down to the benefits of this fantastic product !

Antioxidants: Contains a numerous amount of antioxidants, such as: St. Paul’s Wort, Vitamin-E, Barley, Algae, Wheat, Cucumber, and so on

Moisture Binding: Contains a blend of rich emollients plus the ever so famous hyaluronic acid to bind moisture levels and keeping your skin supple and more hydrated for longer!

High SPF- Contains an SPF of 35+ with sufficient UVA + UVB protection! And a gentle blend of mineral and chemical sunscreens!

Anti Irritants- A blend of anti irritants to calm: Caffeine, Cholesterol, Glycciritinic Acid, Linoleic acid.

Fragrance free!:
Another added bonus for the sensitive skin types!

So you can see, now that I have broken down this product why I am a fan of this multi tasker!

The color is just one fair fits all, and is guaranteed to blend ! It provides almost no coverage so is only for someone who wants their redness or blotchiness slightly blurred 🙂

Are you using any products similar to this one?

Are you happy with it?

Please let me know below!!



Eating For Your Skin!

Our skin can be a good reflection of our inner health and any of the stresses our body might be under!

Sometimes you can tell what it is that you are low in by observing your own skin!

A lack of vitamin-A can cause skin to become scaly and dry!

A lack of vitamin-E can cause skin to look dull and dry as well!

In order to keep our skin happy we need to add a few things to do our diet to keep our skins defence up!

Here are my favourite skin loving food and drink tips!

3. Vitamin-A.

An extremely potent antioxidant and crucial for cellular regeneration. This particular vitamin has had alot of publicity over the last few years for the skin. It can work great miracles for skin, dermatologists frequently turn to vitamin-A for complex skin conditions!

Drinking carrot juice and eating pumpkins can be a great way to get vitaminA into your diet and to achieve that healthy glowing skin!

2. Fish Oil / Salmon

You probably already know that fish contains omega 3! This amazing oil can give our skin a beautiful glow and keep it moisturised and supple! (Especially thru the winter months). It will also help keep your brain and cholesterol healthy, which in return will show up great on your skin!)
Fish is also an anti inflammatory for your skin and for your inner organs as well! This prevents acceleration of ageing too fast !

Try to eat fish 2 times a week for dinner with some veggies!
– i take high strength fish oil everyday to keep my skin supple !

1. Green Tea

My absolute, can’t live without skin buddie! I drink 3 to 5 cups of green tea a day to get as many antioxidants for my skin and body as possible! Green tea is an amazing skin helper and not only provides antioxidants but is also a potent anti inflammatory which in return keeps your skin from ageing too fast. There are many many other health benefits to green tea, but lets just keep this about skin 🙂

So I hope you add some of these to your diet in some way or form! With green tea, you can start with one in the morning everyday, and then adding another one in by midday ( and hopefully you can get 3 green teas in!)

Do you have a favourite skin tip?




Luminous Skin

I don’t know about you, but I love a bit of extra glow before I head out the door and start my day.

I have tried countless amounts of radiance products and not all work as claimed.

Having luminous and glowy skin is a sign of good health and makes skin look gorgeous, even for those with oily skin!

There are a lot of products on the market that advertise their formulas as illuminators, but don’t really show up very well on the skin once applied.

I have combined my 3 favourite illumination products which can be used by all ethnicities and genders as an add on to your skincare regime for a bit of a glow!

And yes, I have tried all of these products and studied the formulas, so I can safely say these 3 deserve to make the list.

I am rating these in order of radiance, not the overall formula, as the radiance is the main purpose of these products in the first place.

3. Benefit- Girl Meets Pearl

This product is dispensed by twisting and letting the product come out through tiny holes in the top. Cute way to dispense but is a bit annoying I find as it can get quite messy if not cleaned.
This product has a beautiful radiance to it otherwise! You can apply on the cheek bones or mix it with your favourite moisturiser. Anyway way you would like to apply it! The formula is a bit basic, apart from a couple of antioxidants, but radiance wise, this is impressive!

2. Mac- Strobe lotion/cream

Whether you choose the strobe lotion or cream, they are both amazing options for an intense illumination for your skin. Not to mention these products are jam packed with antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients to keep your skin healthy. These can be used as a moisturiser, or under your moisturiser. (I like the lotion under my moisturiser as it is nice and light and can be layered)
I am so glad I came across these great products!

1. Laura Mercier- Radiance Primer

I have to say, this product beats any illuminating products I have come across so far! It has a slight tint to the product as well, but it’s not alot, so boys can still use as well without it looking like make up. This can be applied under foundation, under moisturiser, or as a highlighter !
I love that there has been a few great antioxidants added to the product as well (including the great vitamin-a)
This is a primer so you can’t expect too many extras in it!

What is your go to illuminator?





Bens Beauty Regime

My Regime For Beautiful Skin

When it comes to my skin, and what products I decide to use, I can get pretty particular and choosy about it.

You only get one skin and it should be taken well care of!

It’s no surprise that I am a huge fan of Estée Lauder, and just love the way they formulate a product with so many beneficial ingredients and state of the art science behind their products

Here is my regime..

I firstly like to start my regime with a super gentle cleanser which does its job without stripping my skins natural oils.

-Estée Lauder- Perfectly Clean Cream Cleanser

This cleanser is extremely gentle, p.h balanced and includes ingredients to replenish your moisture barrier whilst calming any redness on your skin. The perfect start to a skincare regime! This also doubles as a moisture mask, so when you need that comforting moisture, just put this on and wait 10 minutes before rinsing or wiping off!

-Estée Lauder-Even Skintone Illuminator

This lightweight serum is easily spread across the skin and leaves your skin beautiful and luminous. I love that it evens out your skin tone ready for your moisturiser! It has a high amount of vitamin C, and a wide range of antioxidants and anti irritants, perfect for sensitive skin as well.

-Estée Lauder- Daywear Sheer-tint Release

This moisturiser is my absolute favourite in terms of multitasking and in the prevention of ageing.

Lauder understands in order to
tackle ageing from a young age, we need a wide range of different ingredients which perform different functions to keep us young, and they do it so well! I love the tan this product gives my skin, and it is so sheer it looks invisible, whilst evening out your skintone and giving it a glow!

What is your regime for beautiful skin?



The Power Of “C”

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, skin-lightener,
Collagen booster
and can even protect the skin from u.v damage!

It is no wonder why this ingredient has gotten so much hype over the years and has been used in countless amounts of products on the shelves.

But how much vitamin c will actually make a difference in my skin?

Well it depends what exactly you are wanting to get out of using vitamin c. If you are wanting skin lightening properties, vitamin c needs to be at a concentration of 2% , and only some forms of vitamin c will function as a skin lightening ingredient.

The problem when searching for a vitamin c product is that we don’t understand where vitamin c stands in a serums formula , the most common form of vitamin c would be “ascorbic acid” if you see this ingredient at the top of the list, that is great! If you see it at the end (after preservatives) don’t even bother!

I have put together a few of my favourite “C” superstars !

Keeping in mind; these are not in order of vitamin c concentration but picked for its overall formula!


3. Dermalogica- MAP-15 Regenerator

I am not usually one for gimmicky like products that look cool to use but “don’t perform”. In this case it’s an exception! Yes this product goes from powder to liquid in a cute mini dispenser, but it also delivers ALOT of vitamin c into the skin , and is “magnesium ascorbyl phosphate” which has lots of research to perform well! This can be mixed with your favourite product or worn alone!

2. Kieh’s- Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate

I LOVE this product! It contains a very high amount of vitamin c, and the reliable kind as well (ascorbic acid). This formula is simple which is great for sensitive skin as you are less likely to be allergic to any of the ingredients. This is silky and works great under your moisturiser !

1. Estée Lauder- Even Skintone Illuminator

This is my favourite multi tasking serum! This provides a high amount of vitamin c and a wide cocktail of antioxidants and anti irritants to prevent more sun spots from forming! This will effectively diminish discolourations, reduce redness, prevent against oxidation and it also has a slight shimmer to it to make your face more luminous! This is also oil free and works great under your moisturiser.
I am smitten over this serum!

Have you tried the power of C…. If so, which serum do you like?





Oil Control

Experiencing oiliness?

If there is a skin concern that most people deal with and can’t stand the thought of .. It would have to be oily skin, and trying to keep that oil under control as the day goes on!

Yes you could continue to use powder and blotting papers all day, but all that make up will build up and start to look a little too much and possibly might break you out as well.

What if I told you, you could just start your day right and not have to retouch later ?

There are definitely some thing’s you can do to prevent a day full of excess oil and slippery make up.

Here they are 🙂

-Gentle Cleansing-

using a gentle but EFFECTIVE cleanser is such an important step for an oily skin.
Did you know if you are rubbing your face too much you are stimulating more oil ? And if your using products which are stripping your skin dry (alcohol) that you are making your skin produce even MORE oil as a natural protection mechanism?
Find cleansers with non detergent agents, sodium laureth sulfate is not the best choice but is passable for an excessively oily skin as it isn’t as bad as its made out to be and is safe (despite all the media bagging it out)

Add a toner

A toner is such a handy step to reducing excess oil when wanting a clean start to the day.
Alcohol isn’t the only option for an oily skin, the products p.h can be adjusted with other ingredients which are safer and don’t cause free radical damage (Clays work well!). Look for toners with vitamin A and other beneficial ingredients as these ingredients works wonders in controlling oil flow for the skin.

-Keep it light

Use an oil free lotion like moisturiser which leaves no residue and sinks in very quickly.

Anti irritants such as green tea, oatmeal, chamomile , licorice root work wonders on an acneic skin to reduce redness and prevent more oil from being produced.

So next time you want to strip your face bare of all it’s oil.. Think again.

What is your favourite oil control tip?