Oil Control

Experiencing oiliness?

If there is a skin concern that most people deal with and can’t stand the thought of .. It would have to be oily skin, and trying to keep that oil under control as the day goes on!

Yes you could continue to use powder and blotting papers all day, but all that make up will build up and start to look a little too much and possibly might break you out as well.

What if I told you, you could just start your day right and not have to retouch later ?

There are definitely some thing’s you can do to prevent a day full of excess oil and slippery make up.

Here they are πŸ™‚

-Gentle Cleansing-

using a gentle but EFFECTIVE cleanser is such an important step for an oily skin.
Did you know if you are rubbing your face too much you are stimulating more oil ? And if your using products which are stripping your skin dry (alcohol) that you are making your skin produce even MORE oil as a natural protection mechanism?
Find cleansers with non detergent agents, sodium laureth sulfate is not the best choice but is passable for an excessively oily skin as it isn’t as bad as its made out to be and is safe (despite all the media bagging it out)

Add a toner

A toner is such a handy step to reducing excess oil when wanting a clean start to the day.
Alcohol isn’t the only option for an oily skin, the products p.h can be adjusted with other ingredients which are safer and don’t cause free radical damage (Clays work well!). Look for toners with vitamin A and other beneficial ingredients as these ingredients works wonders in controlling oil flow for the skin.

-Keep it light

Use an oil free lotion like moisturiser which leaves no residue and sinks in very quickly.

Anti irritants such as green tea, oatmeal, chamomile , licorice root work wonders on an acneic skin to reduce redness and prevent more oil from being produced.

So next time you want to strip your face bare of all it’s oil.. Think again.

What is your favourite oil control tip?



Power Serum’s

I just LOVE a well formulated, potent and effective serum!

There are just so many serums and oils on the market claiming to be the answer to everything that you are hoping for.

More often than not I find that company’s are putting more potent irritants before anything beneficial for your skin!

I must say that it is tiring, reading so many products formulas and finding out they are a disappointment!

Here are some fabulous ingredients to look for in a great serum, and make sure they aren’t the LAST ingredient on the list …

– Vitamin A (retynil, retinoic acid)
-Vitamin B (niacinimide)
-Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
-Vitamin E (tocopherol, tocotrienols)
-Green tea, pomegranate, spike moss, beta carotene, ubiquinone, algae
-skin identical ingredients (caffeine, glycerin, cholesterol, hyaluronic acid)

Seeing a wide range of these ingredients in a cocktail approach is the best way to look after your skin, as it deserves the very best it can get .

Serums are also suppose to be a concentrated amount of ingredients, like a multi vitamin for your skin.
And they sink in well and leave a light finish.
Just make sure the products formula isn’t too simple!

Here are some of my favourite serums. (Keeping in mind these aren’t in any particular order of my favourite, and are due to overall formula, not brand)

3. Lab Series- Max L.S Overnight Serum

I love how many different kinds of antioxidants this provides. It is combined with peptides, skin friendly ingredients, and a high amount of acetyl glucosamine which can inhibit melanin production as well (less spots!) .
This product contains a tiny bit of fragrance.

2. Clinique- turn around concentrate

This is a great assortment of antioxidants, skin friendly ingredients and lots of extras like anti irritants which makes it a great serum to consider. This also claims to chemically exfoliate, whether it does or not (due to the p.h) this is still a great serum

1. EstΓ©e Lauder- Perfectionist”

Just like the name of this heavily marketed serum, this product is perfect in every way! It is LOADED with antioxidants, many different types of algae which are nutrient rich, water binding ingredients, cell communicating ingredients, anti irritants and much more, it sits beautifully on the skin, and is such a gentle product.
A bonus for this product is its ability to work as a poly filler, it sits in your wrinkles, smoothing them out ready for make up!

-Just remember as well, using an anti ageing serum at a young age will NOT damage your skin, it will keep its resilience and health up in order for it to combat ageing in the future. We won’t suddenly start growing too much collagen out of our faces!

What is your favourite serum?






Beauty’s Best Seller’s!

Every major company has a star product that has done so well that it usually sets them apart and catapults them into a big name and brand.

These products can be the oldest ones on the market as people get quite attached to them.

The formulas usually stay the same from the day that they are formulated to 20 years down the track and are still being sold.

I just wanted to name a few of these products that are still being sold and promoted, and to give my personal opinion on whether I believe they are worth the hype, or just too old and need a formula make over.

Here they are…

3. Shiseido – eudermine revitalising essence

This product is an extremely old one and has been sold by shiseido for many years.

It is quite expensive as well, and consists of : water, alcohol, some basic emollients, fragrance, castor oil and…

That’s about it really.
I would save your money and spend it on a well formulated toner else where.

2. Clarin’s beauty flash balm

This product is something I was eager to try after my friends had been telling me so much about it.
And it is their star product, so it must be good.. Right?

This product is basically: water, rice starch, some emollients, fragrance, one type of algae and a bunch of preservatives.

This product puzzles me to why it is so popular.

1. Clinique dramatically different moisturising lotion

This product I had high hopes for! I am also quite a big fan of clinique as they formulate products very well and leave out the fragrance all the time.
This product wasn’t what I was expecting tho.. And not quite “dramatically different” to any other supermarket products on sale.

This product consists of: water, sesame oil, lanolin, alcohol and preservatives.

This product Isn’t as expensive as the other ones I have mentioned but it costs enough for me to not bother purchasing it.

So next time a company starts telling you “we sell 100 of these a minute!” That could mean that the product is just hype and it actually won’t do anything for your skin!

Check the ingredients.

If you have trouble reading a products ingredient list, send the full list to me and I can review it for you.

What is your old go to favourite ?





Bathing In Luxury

Beloved bath time

When it’s time for me to have my beloved bath, all stress, worries and thoughts go out the window, so I can lay back, and embrace the luxurious products and smells that I am surrounded by in my bath

I am always on the look out for different bath bombs, oil’s, potions and lotions to make my already lovely bathing experience even more special !

I have put together some of my favourite bathing buddies !

3. The comforter – lush ($10.50)

This is a bath melt which you crumble into the bath, and it bubbles up the water into a luxurious foam
It smells of rich blackcurrant which is my favourite smell!
Blackcurrant oil is rich in gamma linolenic acid which acts as an antioxident, anti inflammatory and cell regulator.
This is a beautiful product which I use for nights when I’m feeling sluggish and tired!

2. Marshmallow bath – Mor ($49.95)

This beautifully silky bathing elixir is a definite treat to bath in!
If you like softly sweet scents like marshmallow than this is the one for you !
It feels like your lying in a bath of rocky road, and is highly hydrating! This is not a formula easily made at home, quite sophisticated and feels that way too!

3. Almond coconut milk bath- Laura Mercier ($49.00)

This easily takes the top spot for being an amazing bath experience! Indulge in what smells like the best dessert of your life. I don’t know how they have created this decadent smell, but it smells like a gourmet dessert from an expensive restaurant ! This bubbles up and is accompanied by lots of oat proteins to calm and sooth irritated skin, it has a nice hint of vitamins as well which really tops this product off and wins my top pick! Have a smell of this one next time your at the Laura counter !

Do you have a favourite bathing buddie? πŸ™‚






The Silent Agers…

Ageing silently?

You could be accelerating the ageing process and not even know about it!

There are little things that we do everyday that contribute to ageing too soon

Most of it we CAN prevent and take steps to make ageing less severe !

Here are some of the common habits we do every day…

1. Overdoing It.

-We tend to think that more is less and that we should wash our face as much as possible and apply as much product as possible.. It is very much the opposite.

We need to avoid washing our face too much, and let our skins natural oils do their job of protecting our skin, because no moisturiser can compare.
Limit washing your face to once a day. (end of the day) and splash it with water in the morning without product.

Use a cold cream, or (soap free) light lotion cleanser to keep your skin’s natural oils as in tact as possible.

2. Avoid hot water!

– Avoid washing your face in the shower if the water is hot, this can not only severely dry out your skin but also make your skin break out unexpectedly.

Drying out your skin results in lost lipids and ceramides leaving the under layers of your skin unprotected resulting in collagen and elastin breakdown.

The same goes for hot baths, the steam is enough to dry out your skin severely so keep it warm or keep it to 10 to 15 minutes tops! (Oh how I love my baths)

3. Don’t be so rough!

– avoid rubbing your face with a towel after showering, and being too rough with your cleanser (or any other product).

Pat your face dry gently with a towel and don’t pull it around.
Our skin is so precious and fragile, even if we can’t feel it being damaged or becoming inflamed, every pull and stretch that we do is stretching the elastin in our skin, making it more prone to sagging later on.
(This goes for sleeping on your face as well)

4. Don’t pull faces!

-yes, life is short and we should laugh as much as possible, but these expressions will take hold of our appearance before we know it, you can laugh as much as you want, but think about those lines before you make a habit of pulling funny faces.

5. Sun Care

– most people would know about this by now, and can’t be said enough that this will cause ageing so silently that no one believes the facts about sun damage until they see the results.

Spf 15 is acceptable, but it is always better to go higher! (Spf30+)
And remember to look for “broad spectrum” on the product or it is no good.

Scary stuff!

What are your tips and tricks to keeping yourself that little bit younger everyday?






Do You Need A Toner?

Many people question whether they need a toner/lotion in their skincare regime .

I personally prefer not to, as I don’t want to add too many steps into my regime,

But toners can be an extra step that you could greatly benefit from.

What are toners for, you ask?

-reduces pore size
-balances acid mantle on the skin
-removes excess cleanser
-can give skin an extra dose of antioxidants and beneficial ingredients

Something I find quite often when I look at a toners formula is that they are very cheap when it comes to a good amount of ingredients , and after all, you don’t want to pay 30 to 40 dollars for a bottle of water and some glitter in it.. Right ?

So here are some things to look for in a toner !

-antioxidants are a must! And there should be lots if you are going to tone at all
-avoid alcohol as the 1st or second ingredient (mostly alcohol denat)
-look for skin identical ingredients such as glycerin , or cholesterol for better value
-make sure it suits YOUR skin type so it balances your skins oil flow/dryness evenly.
-an exfoliating toner (a.h.a or b.h.a) can be a great addition to an oily skins regime

So whether you need a toner in your regime is really up to , and whether your skin needs something extra or you need to refine more oil after cleansing!

Choose wisely and if it smells like last weekends bottle of vodka … Don’t use it!

What’s your favourite toner ? πŸ™‚





Luxury skincare without the luxury results!

I love luxury products!

And what I love more than the ritual of applying a luxury product is seeing the luxury results you expect after spending hundreds of dollars on a product or new regime!

I have put together a few of the luxury company’s that I believe aren’t worth the hype and are a pure waste of money and time !

Here they are…

1 “Orogold”

Most people would have heard of “Orogold” or have been sucked in by there clever marketing techniques!
. The marketing for this company is very heavy, and they are very clever at pressuring you into buying there products.

All they need to do is initially get you in there store, and the hard selling starts !
I have to walk past this store every day as I live in the city and its on my way to work. They love to offer samples, so when you go to grab one, they pull you in the store!

There whole brand is based around “gold” such a luxurious sounding ingredient, not to mention rare and precious!
Their packaging is glamorous, the smells are glamorous, the service is glamorous! (Yet very pushy and can be rude if you don’t buy)
And it all leads you to believe the benefits of these products would be amazing! … Wrong.
It’s important to understand when dealing with a luxury line that puts ALOT of effort into their marketing and the way the product looks, is that these company’s usually fall short of one thing… Results.
The ingredient gold for a start, can cause eczema, and slight sensitivity in the skin. So when orogold starts throwing all these claims at you to do with gold to sell the product, don’t always trust the claims, as they will hesitate if you asked for the results of this “gold study” that they did.
Anyways, gold aside. The formula as a whole is incredibly boring, and this what we should be paying for.. Not a gold box with a pretty smell.

The formula basically consists of some moisturising ingredients, fragrance, thickners, a little bit of vitamin c, e and gold, quite basic for what this company is making themselves out to be, and compared to many cheaper options!

(If they get you into the store somehow, remember that their deep peeling product is a scam and that is just plastic peeling off your hand.. Not skin)

2. “La Prairie”

This company isn’t so in your face with its marketing or sales techniques. They usually win people over by having that French name, which sounds so fancy.

Does a French name and fancy packaging mean the formulas are amazing ? Not in this case.. These products do exceed over Orogold as they include a more broad range of ingredients, but for their main anti ageing moisturiser consisting of about 400 dollars, you would expect more than silicones, wax, fragrance, about 4 antioxidants and some skin like ingredients (hylauronic acid)

They brag about the ingredient “caviar” which sounds amazing but doesn’t exceed over other star ingredient choices, these products don’t even have enough caviar in them to work wonders.
Not to mention for this money, if the product is in an open jar, there goes the air sensitive ingredients .. I’ll stay away from this one !

3. “SK11”

This brand likes to brag about their main ingredient “pitera” this ingredient has antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties but every thing else they claim has not been proven yet. Not to mention the over all formulas for this company aside from the pitera (which is in small amounts) is weak.

Mainly consisting of preservatives, emollients, there star ingredient and some other antioxidants now and then… Very expensive products for this to be the case?

Before you let the marketing take hold, or a price point gets you thinking… Ask to read the product!

Take care x
Ben πŸ™‚