The Power Of “C”

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, skin-lightener,
Collagen booster
and can even protect the skin from u.v damage!

It is no wonder why this ingredient has gotten so much hype over the years and has been used in countless amounts of products on the shelves.

But how much vitamin c will actually make a difference in my skin?

Well it depends what exactly you are wanting to get out of using vitamin c. If you are wanting skin lightening properties, vitamin c needs to be at a concentration of 2% , and only some forms of vitamin c will function as a skin lightening ingredient.

The problem when searching for a vitamin c product is that we don’t understand where vitamin c stands in a serums formula , the most common form of vitamin c would be “ascorbic acid” if you see this ingredient at the top of the list, that is great! If you see it at the end (after preservatives) don’t even bother!

I have put together a few of my favourite “C” superstars !

Keeping in mind; these are not in order of vitamin c concentration but picked for its overall formula!


3. Dermalogica- MAP-15 Regenerator

I am not usually one for gimmicky like products that look cool to use but “don’t perform”. In this case it’s an exception! Yes this product goes from powder to liquid in a cute mini dispenser, but it also delivers ALOT of vitamin c into the skin , and is “magnesium ascorbyl phosphate” which has lots of research to perform well! This can be mixed with your favourite product or worn alone!

2. Kieh’s- Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate

I LOVE this product! It contains a very high amount of vitamin c, and the reliable kind as well (ascorbic acid). This formula is simple which is great for sensitive skin as you are less likely to be allergic to any of the ingredients. This is silky and works great under your moisturiser !

1. Estée Lauder- Even Skintone Illuminator

This is my favourite multi tasking serum! This provides a high amount of vitamin c and a wide cocktail of antioxidants and anti irritants to prevent more sun spots from forming! This will effectively diminish discolourations, reduce redness, prevent against oxidation and it also has a slight shimmer to it to make your face more luminous! This is also oil free and works great under your moisturiser.
I am smitten over this serum!

Have you tried the power of C…. If so, which serum do you like?





Bathing In Luxury

Beloved bath time

When it’s time for me to have my beloved bath, all stress, worries and thoughts go out the window, so I can lay back, and embrace the luxurious products and smells that I am surrounded by in my bath

I am always on the look out for different bath bombs, oil’s, potions and lotions to make my already lovely bathing experience even more special !

I have put together some of my favourite bathing buddies !

3. The comforter – lush ($10.50)

This is a bath melt which you crumble into the bath, and it bubbles up the water into a luxurious foam
It smells of rich blackcurrant which is my favourite smell!
Blackcurrant oil is rich in gamma linolenic acid which acts as an antioxident, anti inflammatory and cell regulator.
This is a beautiful product which I use for nights when I’m feeling sluggish and tired!

2. Marshmallow bath – Mor ($49.95)

This beautifully silky bathing elixir is a definite treat to bath in!
If you like softly sweet scents like marshmallow than this is the one for you !
It feels like your lying in a bath of rocky road, and is highly hydrating! This is not a formula easily made at home, quite sophisticated and feels that way too!

3. Almond coconut milk bath- Laura Mercier ($49.00)

This easily takes the top spot for being an amazing bath experience! Indulge in what smells like the best dessert of your life. I don’t know how they have created this decadent smell, but it smells like a gourmet dessert from an expensive restaurant ! This bubbles up and is accompanied by lots of oat proteins to calm and sooth irritated skin, it has a nice hint of vitamins as well which really tops this product off and wins my top pick! Have a smell of this one next time your at the Laura counter !

Do you have a favourite bathing buddie? 🙂






The Silent Agers…

Ageing silently?

You could be accelerating the ageing process and not even know about it!

There are little things that we do everyday that contribute to ageing too soon

Most of it we CAN prevent and take steps to make ageing less severe !

Here are some of the common habits we do every day…

1. Overdoing It.

-We tend to think that more is less and that we should wash our face as much as possible and apply as much product as possible.. It is very much the opposite.

We need to avoid washing our face too much, and let our skins natural oils do their job of protecting our skin, because no moisturiser can compare.
Limit washing your face to once a day. (end of the day) and splash it with water in the morning without product.

Use a cold cream, or (soap free) light lotion cleanser to keep your skin’s natural oils as in tact as possible.

2. Avoid hot water!

– Avoid washing your face in the shower if the water is hot, this can not only severely dry out your skin but also make your skin break out unexpectedly.

Drying out your skin results in lost lipids and ceramides leaving the under layers of your skin unprotected resulting in collagen and elastin breakdown.

The same goes for hot baths, the steam is enough to dry out your skin severely so keep it warm or keep it to 10 to 15 minutes tops! (Oh how I love my baths)

3. Don’t be so rough!

– avoid rubbing your face with a towel after showering, and being too rough with your cleanser (or any other product).

Pat your face dry gently with a towel and don’t pull it around.
Our skin is so precious and fragile, even if we can’t feel it being damaged or becoming inflamed, every pull and stretch that we do is stretching the elastin in our skin, making it more prone to sagging later on.
(This goes for sleeping on your face as well)

4. Don’t pull faces!

-yes, life is short and we should laugh as much as possible, but these expressions will take hold of our appearance before we know it, you can laugh as much as you want, but think about those lines before you make a habit of pulling funny faces.

5. Sun Care

– most people would know about this by now, and can’t be said enough that this will cause ageing so silently that no one believes the facts about sun damage until they see the results.

Spf 15 is acceptable, but it is always better to go higher! (Spf30+)
And remember to look for “broad spectrum” on the product or it is no good.

Scary stuff!

What are your tips and tricks to keeping yourself that little bit younger everyday?






Bb Cream Crazy!

When I first heard about “bb” creams, I was quite intrigued and wanted to find out what made these products so special, and
Why everyone was talking about them.

Before I could even blink, every company started advertising their own bb creams and following this crazy new trend that Asia had first started!
Garnier, Loreal, Maybeline and even the more luxurious company’s started to follow!

So what is a “bb” cream?
Well, it was initially called “blemish balm” but is now commonly called “beauty balm” as it beautifies the face and has multiple functions.

They usually consist of…

-a texture for all skin types (usually oil free formula)
-offers spf, usually 30+
-tinted to suit your skin color
-has skin-lightening properties as this is a popular request in the asian markets
-has a broad range of antioxidants inside
-evens out skintone
-reduces redness
-gives light to medium coverage (a little more than sheer)
-moisturisers and repairs
-balances oil production
-treats blemishes

So you can see from this long list of benefits, that these bb creams sound amazing but there is nothing different about a “bb” cream compared to a “tinted moisturiser”, the only difference I can think of is that a bb cream was typically used to lighten the skin in asia, when a tinted moisturiser is to even out skin tone, or to give a tan for a healthier bronzed look!

There is also now a new craze similar to the “bb” creams!

It is called “cc” creams. I must admit, I did have a big laugh when I heard this name… More ridiculous names for products that do the same job.

Cc stands for “color corrective” and is all about using a tint that will reduce a certain concern, ( i.e green for redness ).
The formula is usually a little thicker and providing slightly more coverage and still maintaining a high spf.

I honestly am still not impressed by this, as it has been done many times before, but just hasn’t had a ridiculous name behind it before, so now it has been advertised and marketed heavily, everybody wants one !

I have always been a huge fan of tinted moisturisers and love that you only need one step in the regime (after cleansing of course)

When I’m looking for the perfect tinted moisturiser, this Is what I look for…

-sheer natural coverage with a glow
-sufficient moisture for cold days
-low in fragrance/fragrance free
-no alcohol
-loads of antioxidants for my money
-spf 15 or above (preferably 30+)
-extra touches, such as skin identical ingredients, and vitamin b3 is a plus!)
-gentle formula

As I am on the topic of tinted moisturisers/bb/cc/creams, I thought I would share my favourite products of this category ! (Keeping in mind, these products work for my skin and what suits my concerns)

3. “Daywear BB Cream- Estée Lauder”- $48

This bb cream exceeds over many bb’s that I have come across
It is LOADED with antioxidants and all those skin loving extras that most company’s miss out on!
This product includes: gentian root, knotweed, rice, wheat, rosemary, linoleic acid, vitamin e, vitamin c extracts! Not to mention extras like caffeine and cholesterol for the skin, very well done! ( did i mention it is spf 35+ ! )

It’s all you need this summer as the coverage is light to medium leaving your skin looking perfect. (Tho coverage is a bit too much for boys but girls will love this!)

2. “Vitazing Energy Boosting Moisturiser- Origins- $45”

This product leaves the most BEAUTIFUL coloured tint on my skin and somehow magically adheres to your own skintone. I can’t explain how healthy it makes the skin look and feel.

The moisture it provides is just perfect and leaves a slightly Dewey finish! It has spf 15 and has quite a few antioxidants such as mangosteen. The only drawback I find is that it has a few essential oils known to cause slight irritation but I have given this a high rating due to its overall formula and the beautiful finish it has on the skin, these oils aren’t too much of a cause for concern as its a pretty gentle product all up !
I alway have this baby on hand and is perfect for boys and girls! Very natural glow .

1. “Daywear Sheer Tint Release- Estée Lauder- $65”

I know! I know! Another Lauder product… What can I say? They exceed over a lot of other company’s in my eyes… when it comes to formulary excellence.. Anyways, I am giving the facts of what it is in these products that make them so special to me!

-This product has a similar base formula to that of the daywear bb cream, but has MANY more potent antioxidants included for the ultimate protection of ageing.

It has grapeseed, birch, coffee, red tea, vitamin c, vitamin e, hyaluronic acid, white tea and rosemary! Very impressive formula, and I must say, when I compare it to alot of the other formulas out there, it makes a lot of them look sad !

This has grey speckle beads that break open and release a beautiful tan onto your skin! I love how the coverage is sheer enough for me to wear and it just gives such a healthy glow to the skin! It has spf 15 which Is enough for me as I am not in the sun enough to worry.

The texture is slightly tacky leaving a well moisturised Dewey finish! Good for normal/combination or slightly dry skin. Love it! And it’s fine for girls and boys !

do you have a favourite tinted moisturiser or bb cream? I would love to hear about it? 🙂

Ben x





Sunscreen Hall Of Fame!

When it comes to sun protection and wearing an S.P.F, my friends could tell you that I am crazy about it!

From the moment I hop in my car, the glove box is opened and that spf is getting on my hands before you know it !

Its important to never forget your neck and to always do your arms (and hands) which we usually forget

It doesn’t matter whether it is winter or summer because the sun will always manage to penetrate the layers of our skin and cause ageing.

So the BEST thing we could possibly do is be vigilant about sun protection EVERY day of the year!

The reason I’m so funny about protecting myself from the sun, is because it is doing so much more damage than we could ever imagine.

The way we usually find out is by reaching our 40’s and finding that we already have spots like a leopard, skin like a snake and hands that look 20 years older than our time!

So still convinced sun protection isn’t an issue ?

Just remember that a whopping 90% of premature skin ageing is a result of SUN DAMAGE.

In addition to these little sun facts (no need to cancel your trip to the Bali or the Bahamas!)

I have my 3 favourite reliable Sun Care superstars to present to you!

I have chosen these products as they…

-have broad spectrum protection (anti-ageing and burning )
-fragrance free (less irritation)
-limited alcohol (non-drying, less free radical damage)
-some provide a bunch of antioxidents
-feel sophisticated and elegant on the skins surface.
-all have different textures to suit your skin type !
-work well under make-up

(Pricing is Australian)

3. “Shiseido- Gentle Sun Protection Lotion (for sensitive skin and babies)$52

This product is incredibly light, super smooth, feels very silky which means great under make up and best of all uses the gentle mineral sunscreens of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide ! This means less irritation and better sun protection against pigmentation!
I love that this is so light even an oily skin can use it ! It leaves a very very light white cast ( which disappears after a couple of minutes ) I have to say I haven’t seen a mineral sunscreen have such a clear like finish! So I put this in my top FAV’s. this is spf is also great when you need to reapply thru out the day as it isn’t heavy enough to be a problem, as reapplying can cause break outs if its too heavy!

2. “Invisible Zinc- Tinted Daywear”-$35

This spf product uses gentle mineral protection of zinc oxide alone, so the safety of this spf is amazing, not to mention for a sensitive skin, it is almost impossible to be allergic to this product !
The reason I rate this so highly is mainly due to the fact that it has such a nice tint to it, hiding the white cast that zinc typically leaves on the skin,
It leaves such a beautifully light coverage and hides any redness or uneven skin tone and leaves a Dewey and very healthy look on the skin. Keeping in mind tho, this product is for anyone with dry/normal skin! It does leave quite a tacky finish, so if you suffer from excess oil production it might not be for you ! It has two colours available,
The light color suits most skin tones from pale to medium and slightly tanned, and the medium shade suits just over slightly tanned to medium dark skin tones .
Love this product !

1. “Clinique- Super City Block” -$36

The second I started using this product a long time ago (I was given a sample) I just fell in love with the texture! It spreads easily, blends quite well, and does a great job of hiding a white cast ! This uses titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to provide gentle and effective protection against sun damage, this is formulated so well that it can be used as a moisturiser ALONE, it has numerous antioxidants to enhance its protection factor , and will be all you need to soldier thru your day with anti ageing protection! Now that’s the kind of spf I want!
Many spfs leave out the antioxidants and extra’s as its something most people don’t notice, but Clinique generally go above and beyond to set themselves apart! This product evens out your skintone pretty well and works for a oily/combination/normal skin.
Once it sets, the oiliness basically goes away and sets to a slightly Matte finish. Never remove this baby from the shelves, pleaaaase!!

Thank you for reading…

Now I want to know.. What is your favourite, can’t live without S.P.F product?

Ben 🙂





Finding the RIGHT moisturiser for you!

Finding the perfect moisturiser can be one of the most challenging, aggravating, confusing and mind boggling things, as the beauty industry COUNTLESS amounts of brands (let alone products!) to choose from!

We also tend to be brand nazis and don’t even realise it, leaning towards a particular brand because our mother used it or because we have seen it lying around in the bathroom at some point because our sister (or brother) once used it as well!

It’s important when on that big search for an effective (and good valued) moisturiser that we are seeing the big picture, and not just the pretty box it comes in ( I must say I am guilty for falling into those marketing traps as well haha

First of all…

SUNSCREEN, I can’t stress enough, this is something people STILL don’t seem to worry about, regardless of the huge amount of research available stating that SUN DAMAGE is the number 1 ageing factor, so at LEAST apply an SPF15!

The sun breaks down collagen and causes hyper pigmentation (sun spots), and we all know about skin cancer! You may even see these effects before you even reach your late 20s! Prevention is most definitely the key.

Look for U.V.A protection in your spf moisturisers (to get antiageing protection)

Ingredients such as : titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, avobenzone, oxybenzone.

Antioxidents (and plenty!) if you are even going to bother putting anything on your face it is important to consider how many antioxidants you are actually getting for your money in the product.

Ingredients such as: pomegranate, soybean, grapeseed, and vitamins a+c+e to name a few! These put up a safeguard for your skin to be protected better (and can put a bubble around your spf to do its job better!.)

Choosing a product with A+C AND E together combined, ensures recycled all day protection . 😉

Cell transmitters, these ingredients are very helpful in a product as they help the cells to communicate with each other so everything in the deeper layers of your skin function better and to continue to work as they should!

Look for vitamin b3 (niacanimide) as this is the most well researched ingredient to do this job !

Extra touches…
Some moisturisers go above and beyond to show that they are far superior than the other choices (considering they have included all of the above already!)

Most of these brands include skin identical ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin, these bind water on the surface of our skin holding back the ageing process significantly.

Remember to look out for the placement of the ingredients on the formulas list (read every product) before considering it!

If you see these ingredients at the top of the list.. Then It consists mostly of those ingredients!
If its at the very bottom… It’s quite possibly not even worth considering.

There are a lot of cheeky company’s ripping us off!

Lets find out for ourselves and give our skin what it really deserves and more 😉

Take care x




It takes a lot of trial and error to find the perfect lip balm that nourishes for hours without wearing off too soon!

This lip balm is loaded with emollients, a few antioxidants including vitamin E, and best of all…
Broad spectrum sun protection of SPF30 , I am yet to find another multi tasking lip product such as this one, without including irritants like peppermint and menthol.

There are also a few other shades of tint available

Well done Ella Bache


Ben x



Life Saving Lip Saver!