The Power Of “C”

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, skin-lightener,
Collagen booster
and can even protect the skin from u.v damage!

It is no wonder why this ingredient has gotten so much hype over the years and has been used in countless amounts of products on the shelves.

But how much vitamin c will actually make a difference in my skin?

Well it depends what exactly you are wanting to get out of using vitamin c. If you are wanting skin lightening properties, vitamin c needs to be at a concentration of 2% , and only some forms of vitamin c will function as a skin lightening ingredient.

The problem when searching for a vitamin c product is that we don’t understand where vitamin c stands in a serums formula , the most common form of vitamin c would be “ascorbic acid” if you see this ingredient at the top of the list, that is great! If you see it at the end (after preservatives) don’t even bother!

I have put together a few of my favourite “C” superstars !

Keeping in mind; these are not in order of vitamin c concentration but picked for its overall formula!


3. Dermalogica- MAP-15 Regenerator

I am not usually one for gimmicky like products that look cool to use but “don’t perform”. In this case it’s an exception! Yes this product goes from powder to liquid in a cute mini dispenser, but it also delivers ALOT of vitamin c into the skin , and is “magnesium ascorbyl phosphate” which has lots of research to perform well! This can be mixed with your favourite product or worn alone!

2. Kieh’s- Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate

I LOVE this product! It contains a very high amount of vitamin c, and the reliable kind as well (ascorbic acid). This formula is simple which is great for sensitive skin as you are less likely to be allergic to any of the ingredients. This is silky and works great under your moisturiser !

1. Estée Lauder- Even Skintone Illuminator

This is my favourite multi tasking serum! This provides a high amount of vitamin c and a wide cocktail of antioxidants and anti irritants to prevent more sun spots from forming! This will effectively diminish discolourations, reduce redness, prevent against oxidation and it also has a slight shimmer to it to make your face more luminous! This is also oil free and works great under your moisturiser.
I am smitten over this serum!

Have you tried the power of C…. If so, which serum do you like?





Winter Warmers!

When it comes to body products.. I am completely obsessed!

I always look for soap FREE products with beautiful scents to indulge in! Now it must be said first of all, when it comes to my body I am not as anal about applying fragrance as our body’s can usually handle alot more than our precious faces!

Anyways, now that winter is here (in Australia that is
We should be using highly hydrating creamy body cleansers and scrubs!

Here are just a few of my favourite winter superstars!

1. “Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie- Lush”-

This gorgeous shower cream smoothie that I stumbled across today ( From Lush ) is just amazingly soft and nourishing to the body, it cleanses effectively without leaving a greasy residue!

I love that you can cover your body in this stuff before getting into a bath as well! It smells beautifully pure and pleasant, perfect for a cold winters night to cocoon yourself in!

2. “Soy Milk and Honey Body Polish- Kiehls”-

This scrub is amazingly abrasive for anyone that wants a really effective scrub!
Perfect for winter and contains polyethylene beads as the scrubbing agent.
The BEST thing about this product is that the harshness of the beads is balanced out by the nourishment of the jojoba butter and the Shea butter! This scrub is worth every penny as it definitely isn’t something you could just make at home !
Love it

3. “Green Tea & Honey Drops- Elizabeth Arden”-

Now if there was one body butter that could deeply moisturise even the dries of skins, it would be this one!

This product is LOADED with every kind of state of the art emollients to keep your body feeling more than content! If that couldn’t get any better it also has REAL drops of honey that break open and distribute evenly over your skin to keep it even more hydrated for longer.

This is your best friend for winter! Not to mention you will go to bed smelling of green tea and honey!

Take Care!