Oil Control

Experiencing oiliness?

If there is a skin concern that most people deal with and can’t stand the thought of .. It would have to be oily skin, and trying to keep that oil under control as the day goes on!

Yes you could continue to use powder and blotting papers all day, but all that make up will build up and start to look a little too much and possibly might break you out as well.

What if I told you, you could just start your day right and not have to retouch later ?

There are definitely some thing’s you can do to prevent a day full of excess oil and slippery make up.

Here they are 🙂

-Gentle Cleansing-

using a gentle but EFFECTIVE cleanser is such an important step for an oily skin.
Did you know if you are rubbing your face too much you are stimulating more oil ? And if your using products which are stripping your skin dry (alcohol) that you are making your skin produce even MORE oil as a natural protection mechanism?
Find cleansers with non detergent agents, sodium laureth sulfate is not the best choice but is passable for an excessively oily skin as it isn’t as bad as its made out to be and is safe (despite all the media bagging it out)

Add a toner

A toner is such a handy step to reducing excess oil when wanting a clean start to the day.
Alcohol isn’t the only option for an oily skin, the products p.h can be adjusted with other ingredients which are safer and don’t cause free radical damage (Clays work well!). Look for toners with vitamin A and other beneficial ingredients as these ingredients works wonders in controlling oil flow for the skin.

-Keep it light

Use an oil free lotion like moisturiser which leaves no residue and sinks in very quickly.

Anti irritants such as green tea, oatmeal, chamomile , licorice root work wonders on an acneic skin to reduce redness and prevent more oil from being produced.

So next time you want to strip your face bare of all it’s oil.. Think again.

What is your favourite oil control tip?



Sunscreen Hall Of Fame!

When it comes to sun protection and wearing an S.P.F, my friends could tell you that I am crazy about it!

From the moment I hop in my car, the glove box is opened and that spf is getting on my hands before you know it !

Its important to never forget your neck and to always do your arms (and hands) which we usually forget

It doesn’t matter whether it is winter or summer because the sun will always manage to penetrate the layers of our skin and cause ageing.

So the BEST thing we could possibly do is be vigilant about sun protection EVERY day of the year!

The reason I’m so funny about protecting myself from the sun, is because it is doing so much more damage than we could ever imagine.

The way we usually find out is by reaching our 40’s and finding that we already have spots like a leopard, skin like a snake and hands that look 20 years older than our time!

So still convinced sun protection isn’t an issue ?

Just remember that a whopping 90% of premature skin ageing is a result of SUN DAMAGE.

In addition to these little sun facts (no need to cancel your trip to the Bali or the Bahamas!)

I have my 3 favourite reliable Sun Care superstars to present to you!

I have chosen these products as they…

-have broad spectrum protection (anti-ageing and burning )
-fragrance free (less irritation)
-limited alcohol (non-drying, less free radical damage)
-some provide a bunch of antioxidents
-feel sophisticated and elegant on the skins surface.
-all have different textures to suit your skin type !
-work well under make-up

(Pricing is Australian)

3. “Shiseido- Gentle Sun Protection Lotion (for sensitive skin and babies)$52

This product is incredibly light, super smooth, feels very silky which means great under make up and best of all uses the gentle mineral sunscreens of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide ! This means less irritation and better sun protection against pigmentation!
I love that this is so light even an oily skin can use it ! It leaves a very very light white cast ( which disappears after a couple of minutes ) I have to say I haven’t seen a mineral sunscreen have such a clear like finish! So I put this in my top FAV’s. this is spf is also great when you need to reapply thru out the day as it isn’t heavy enough to be a problem, as reapplying can cause break outs if its too heavy!

2. “Invisible Zinc- Tinted Daywear”-$35

This spf product uses gentle mineral protection of zinc oxide alone, so the safety of this spf is amazing, not to mention for a sensitive skin, it is almost impossible to be allergic to this product !
The reason I rate this so highly is mainly due to the fact that it has such a nice tint to it, hiding the white cast that zinc typically leaves on the skin,
It leaves such a beautifully light coverage and hides any redness or uneven skin tone and leaves a Dewey and very healthy look on the skin. Keeping in mind tho, this product is for anyone with dry/normal skin! It does leave quite a tacky finish, so if you suffer from excess oil production it might not be for you ! It has two colours available,
The light color suits most skin tones from pale to medium and slightly tanned, and the medium shade suits just over slightly tanned to medium dark skin tones .
Love this product !

1. “Clinique- Super City Block” -$36

The second I started using this product a long time ago (I was given a sample) I just fell in love with the texture! It spreads easily, blends quite well, and does a great job of hiding a white cast ! This uses titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to provide gentle and effective protection against sun damage, this is formulated so well that it can be used as a moisturiser ALONE, it has numerous antioxidants to enhance its protection factor , and will be all you need to soldier thru your day with anti ageing protection! Now that’s the kind of spf I want!
Many spfs leave out the antioxidants and extra’s as its something most people don’t notice, but Clinique generally go above and beyond to set themselves apart! This product evens out your skintone pretty well and works for a oily/combination/normal skin.
Once it sets, the oiliness basically goes away and sets to a slightly Matte finish. Never remove this baby from the shelves, pleaaaase!!

Thank you for reading…

Now I want to know.. What is your favourite, can’t live without S.P.F product?

Ben 🙂





Winter Warmers!

When it comes to body products.. I am completely obsessed!

I always look for soap FREE products with beautiful scents to indulge in! Now it must be said first of all, when it comes to my body I am not as anal about applying fragrance as our body’s can usually handle alot more than our precious faces!

Anyways, now that winter is here (in Australia that is
We should be using highly hydrating creamy body cleansers and scrubs!

Here are just a few of my favourite winter superstars!

1. “Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie- Lush”-

This gorgeous shower cream smoothie that I stumbled across today ( From Lush ) is just amazingly soft and nourishing to the body, it cleanses effectively without leaving a greasy residue!

I love that you can cover your body in this stuff before getting into a bath as well! It smells beautifully pure and pleasant, perfect for a cold winters night to cocoon yourself in!

2. “Soy Milk and Honey Body Polish- Kiehls”-

This scrub is amazingly abrasive for anyone that wants a really effective scrub!
Perfect for winter and contains polyethylene beads as the scrubbing agent.
The BEST thing about this product is that the harshness of the beads is balanced out by the nourishment of the jojoba butter and the Shea butter! This scrub is worth every penny as it definitely isn’t something you could just make at home !
Love it

3. “Green Tea & Honey Drops- Elizabeth Arden”-

Now if there was one body butter that could deeply moisturise even the dries of skins, it would be this one!

This product is LOADED with every kind of state of the art emollients to keep your body feeling more than content! If that couldn’t get any better it also has REAL drops of honey that break open and distribute evenly over your skin to keep it even more hydrated for longer.

This is your best friend for winter! Not to mention you will go to bed smelling of green tea and honey!

Take Care!





Cleansing the right way!

Most people don’t take into account how important the cleansing step really is in our beauty regime!

There are a lot of things to take into account when choosing a cleanser and how many times to actually use it without disrupting your skins natural processes!

First of all I would like to say that I am SO excited about the launch of Estée Lauders new cleansers! I have always been a fan of their skincare and how advanced the formulas are (as oppose to competitors in the market)

But I will go into detail about these 3 new fabulous cleansers after !

When looking for the right cleanser, it is true that expensive doesn’t mean better !

( Especially with cleansers, as it doesn’t cost much money to formulate an effective and gentle cleanser! )

So don’t cut off the cheap products straight away from your list assuming they won’t work! I have tried a beautiful cleanser from the “YES TO” brand called “yes to cucumbers gel cleanser”. This cleanser is great for normal/combination skin and is extremely gentle and soothing (great for sensitive too)

Take into account a few things

1. If you have quite oily skin, look for either a gel, foaming, or any light cleanser that doesn’t contain ingredients such as peppermint, menthol or camphor ( these are common in cleansers ) also avoid alkaline ingredients towards the top of the list as well! These are no no’s for even the most oiliest of skins!

2. If you have combination or normal, you can go for the same type of cleansers as mentioned above , but could also use a light lotion cleanser (my favourites!) as these don’t affect your skins natural oils on the surface, but clean effectively!)

3. For normal to dry skin, you can use a moisturising formula. Light foam to cream cleansers are okay! But ingredients should be read before purchasing for dry skins !

4. Over cleansing ! This can contribute to ageing too quickly, as our skin produces its natural oils and acidity levels that need to be left alone a lot of the time, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t cleanse! It means we should cleanse minimally! I recommend cleansing at night as we should remove dirt and grime from that day, and to splash your face with warm (not hot) water in the Morning and to apply your day care products! (Gentle is best )

Estée Lauders new cleansers are absolutely fabulous to use and create a real luxury experience whilst cleansing) (not to mention very effective)

The cream cleanser for all skin types (preferably dry) is a cold cream and really removes all types of make up and cleans well without even slightly effecting your skins acid mantle. Just apply to dry skin and either splash away, or cotton pad the product off (or wash cloth, NO TISSUES)

The foaming cleanser for all skin types (preferably combination to oily) is refreshing , foams up ALOT, and is extremely effective, I personally believe this cleanser should be avoided for a normal to dry skin. (Especially dry!)

As the foaming agents in this cleanser are slightly drying.

There is also a gelee cleanser for oily skin with exfoliating beads and is fabulous as the formula isn’t that stripping for the intended skin type and gently exfoliates daily (which is amazing to hold off ageing)

All 3 of these cleansers double as face masks as well! Just cleanse, leave on then remove as you wish! That’s what I call a multi purpose product!

I personally LOVE the green one (cream cleanser)

Enjoy .